RationaL Announces “The Birthwrite LP”

Debut full length album release from RationaL due out soon.

Check out the track listing and impressive lineup of producers featured on the project.

The Birthwrite LP track list:
1. The BirthWrite
2. High-Rise
3. Cocaine Cowboy
4. Go Getter
5. Dream On (feat. Pigeon John & Mr. J. Medeiros)
6. Maybe Tomorrow
7. Think-terlude
8. Great North (feat. RELIC)
9. 3000 Miles to Graceland
10. Love & Hate (feat. RELIC)
11. Think 101 (feat. Ohmega Watts & Theory Hazit)
12. Beautiful Mess
13. What Remains

Beats by:
1, 3, 5 Vintage
2,8 Blaise
4, 9-13 Relic
6 Factor
7 Shortop


  1. RationaL is the Definition of Real Hip-Hop. I can’t wait to hear this album! If this isn’t one of the biggest Canadian Hip Hop Albums something is wrong with people ear drums. For real.

  2. Loved “the birthwrite lp ” . It has all the essential elements of an instant classic. Shimmery beats and rugged-raw lyrics made the hair on my neck stand up . I predict a possible global take over for this vibrant emcee. I’m looking forward to Rational’s next rap project.

  3. I loved the birthwrite prequel!! I can’t wait for the full album to drop! Rational has amazing lyrics and delivery. He puts true feelings and meaning into his songs, not too mention all the awesome artists he collaborates with to make this album that much more amazing!! Can NOT wait!! Love your music!! Xo

  4. Matty B is inspirational, talented and amazing. Cannot wait to hear the new album Rash; keep up the good work! Xo

  5. Been waiting for this release for what seems like forever! RationaL does what he does extremely well…should be one of the dopest albums released in a long time.

  6. YES!, I have been waiting patiently for more from Rash…plus new Relic and Vintage Beats…mmhhmm…real rap music

  7. Very excited to hear this album! “Cocaine Cowboy” is an excellent song, so I can’t wait to hear what the rest sounds like. 🙂

  8. I will have to get a copy of the album! My song is on there FINALLY! Haha. Can’t wait to hear it!
    -Your biggest fan

  9. Rash is truly one of the most honest and real artists I have ever witnessed. He puts his heart and soul into the music and it is ALWAYS worth playing on repeat! It should remind everyone what music is really about. People NEED to hear this!! I have so much respect for you always <3

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