reSEARCH releasing new album “Cerca Trova” June 28

ShadowFacts Records is back again with the latest full-length solo album from reSEARCH (dropsci.GIANTS/Vision1/Poetic Chaos) entitled Cerca Trova. The 16 track installment that features guest appearances from KJ-52, dropsci.GIANTS, Elias, Motion Plus, Fire Escape Artists, Wonder Brown and Details IdeaL. Cerca Trova releases on June 28th, 2011! Que Rico handles much of the production, alongside DJ Frantic, Sean P, Nickels and more! Cerca Trova is the final installment in the reEVALUATION Series of albums, balancing true lyricism with a transparent faith, while answering many of life’s most difficult questions. It’s a fun, upbeat album that offers hope and peace in a world of desperation and chaos. reSEARCH is sure to keep you movin’ and feelin’ so good!

Pick up your copy at soon.

Track listing
1. I Am (Intro)
2. Keep It Loose feat. DJ Shortop
3. Another Day
4. We Do feat. Details IdeaL
5. Reach Inside feat. Wonder Brown
6. Get Down With It
7. The Struggle feat. KJ-52 and Elias
8. Commercial Break
9. Crying Angels
10. Rock The Spot feat. dropsci.GIANTS
11. Feelin’ So Good
12. Against All Odds feat. Fire Escape Artists
13. Take It feat. Motion Plus
14. By My Side
15. Understand
16. Stylin’ (Remix)


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