Adeem releases new album The Volume In The Ground

Founding member of acclaimed underground hip-hop crew Glue, Adeem, released his second solo album The Volume In The Ground May 17 on his own Winners Never Sleep label. He will celebrate the new release with a series of tour dates throughout New England this spring and early summer.

The Volume In The Ground was recorded in New Hampshire with longtime collaborators and veteran producers Shalem, Chadeo, Maker, and Nobs, as well as vocalist Kaleigh Baker, and narrator Sherwin Sleeves. The album, which follows a more melody-based style, marks a distinct stylistic departure for Adeem. Into a mix of blues, Americana, folk, and rock, he has injected his signature vocals, a rapid fire delivery that has won him many a rap battle. The result is a sound that takes familiar archetypes and turns them upside down. The album relates the tale of an aged grave digger wrestling ghosts of his own and others’ creation. The story format, not one usually embraced by MCs, allows Adeem to highlight the creative path he has taken since stepping back from the world of traditional hip hop.

Born and raised in rural New Hampshire, Adeem has always cut an unlikely figure in the scrappy trenches of underground hip hop. Both his solo work and his collaborations with crews like Glue have established him as a potent voice in hip hop’s world of ever-changing styles and hierarchies. Combining a vast array of influences and styles, Adeem has produced a startling and vigorous new album that will make him even more difficult to categorize than ever.

Fans of Adeem can sign up to his mailing list through Adeem’s Facebook page to receive a free download of the new song “Meet Death with a Handshake”.

Track listing:
1. Racing with the Sun
2. Can’t Sit Still
3. Meet Death with a Handshake
4. Make It Right
5. The Unlucky Seven
6. Medicine Man
7. Money Man
8. My Own
9. Lightning On My Doorstep
10. Keep Them Safe
11. Mean and Evil
12. Thirty One Songs
13. Bury the Lost
14. Gone Gone

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  1. This is one of those rare albums where ALL the tracks are solid. Don’t wait or settle for just one or two tracks, buy the whole album and you will find yourself playing it over and over again.

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