Sareem Poems & Newselph – That’s What I’m On

Sareem Poems and Newselph - That's What I'm On

Sophomore season has officially returned. Sareem Poems and Newselph double back with another single, That’s What I’m On, from their upcoming LP.

Hip Hop with witty wordage, beats that boom and distinct direction is what they’re on. Nothing ambiguous or abstract about it. This brand-new sure shot is Hip-Hop in its most rich and purest form. Like water with crystals in it. Word to Asa Soltan Rahmati. Newselph’s production consists of a bouncy bass-line that bobs and weaves with an incessant groove. Sareem Poems moonwalks all over the track with Ginsu sharp bar work with blue streaks of ink making every word strick together. If good music is what you’re on, then get down and get involved.

Out now on Illect Recordings.

Audio: That’s What I’m On