Ozay Moore, Sivion, Sojourn, Ragen Fykes drop PTPI single

PTPI single by Ozay Moore

On the heels of the dope In The Wake Of O LP and the Doin It single, Ozay Moore is back with the PTPI single.

Meager accommodations have produced some of the most resilient, imaginative, and impactful people throughout history. The Pot To Piss In for me is symbolic of basic needs, foundation, humble beginning’s and simplicity. This song was written close to 9 years ago while working on a mixtape with Canadian producer Wyze Intellect. The mix tape never achieved its finished state but we both felt good about the handful of songs we conjured up during the attempt. At the time, I wasn’t label mates with Sivion and Sojourn, just a long time friend and fan. Fast forward and we’re all on the Illect Recordings roster while P.T.P.I. has kept its freshness in tact for a 2018 release,” shares Ozay Moore.

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