Beats Only April 2018

Beats Only April 2018

Beats Only April 2018 edition with rolling updates and additions. Instrumental hip-hop.

Enjoy selections from our submission inbox and our Beats Only Spotify playlist. Thanks for helping us reach 1,100 followers on Spotify!

Tall Black Guy “Make It For Forever And Ever”
TBG has some of the best chops. So much soul, so on point. Had this on repeat all morning.

Osiris “The Italian Job”
Absolutely love this track. One of our favorite beat submissions this month. Normally not into heavy vocal samples but this is really dope. Listen!

Liam.M “Bloom”
Love the energy on this track, really easy listen… head nods for days. One of our favorite tracks of the month.

Squareface “Chapter One”
Digging the samples on this one quite a bit. Nice keys.

David Cutter Music “Corners”
Lots of character on this one. It’s apparent that David spent some time putting this together. Head nods.

Livid “Colors”
Soulful. Jazzy. Boom bap. Livid delivers nicely on “Colors”. This one feels like Fall weather and a walk with the family.

Akello G Light “Letter To Naturally Bisi”
Akello has been sending us stuff for a minute… much props for keeping at it until we found something we love. This track features production by The Twelfth Doctor and held our attention for the duration. That piano is just right. Relax and nod your head to this one.

Lester Knowhere “Ghosts Will Take Care of You”
This producer has some really dope lofi material and they’re always dropping new sounds. Reminds me a bit of iamnobodi. He even sampled his cat on this one.

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