Beats Only March 2018

Beats Only March 2018

Beats Only March 2018 edition with rolling updates and additions. Instrumental hip-hop.

Enjoy selections from our submission inbox and our Beats Only Spotify playlist. Thanks for helping us reach 1,000 followers on Spotify!

TADASHI “Manwitdaplan”
Spacey groove on this one. Nice soulful sounds. One of our favorites from 2018.

Liam.M “Bloom”
Love the energy on this track, really easy listen… head nods for days. One of our favorite tracks of the month.

Sionik “The Beat Tape 1”
Our first listen of French producer Sionik’s sound is on this 48 minute beat tape. Impressive work and worthy of a full listen.

Xavier[EXS22] “She Makes Me Feel Like…”
The artist’s description sums it up perfectly…

If you are looking for a song that features a happy and calming atmospheric hip-hop/jazz-hop style tune that has a euphoric and calming feel to it, my original instrumental production ‘She Makes Me Feel Like…’ would fit well with what you are looking for.

X-ian Divyne “I Believe”
Chill vibes from producer X-ian Divyne. This is the lead track from an upcoming beat tape release.

Losn “You’ll Find Me When You Stop Looking”
Easy listen on this, head nod vibes. Lofi instrumental hip-hop Always a fan of rhodes on tracks.

Squirrely Bass “Jerk Chicken Recipes”
Live instrumentation on this dusty instrumental track. Nice jazzy feel.

Xavier[EXS22] “Take Flight”
Another one from this Ohio based upstart producer. This one grew on me the more I listened. Chillhop. Those drums are hard!

Gyro Man “Dos Maka”
This first time I heard this, it reminded me of a Rocdomz style production. Dusty samples. Always a fan of well done organ work too.

mikwerdna “A Warm Shower on a Winter Morning in Pennsylvania”
Lofi hip-hop instrumental from mikwerdna. The producer describes it as, “The song combines ambient, environmental sounds (shower) with lo-fi hip hop beats and easy-listening melodies similar to tracks by Nujabes and Jinsang.”

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