Sushi Breaks 7 Inch Vinyl Record out now

Sushi Breaks 7 Inch Vinyl

Illect Recordings and DJ Because proudly present the Sushi Breaks 7 Inch Vinyl.

About Sushi Breaks 7 Inch Vinyl

7″ Break records are being released at an astounding rate. Yet most of the sounds and samples used are just the same recycled material from the last dozen break albums. This leaves the DJ who is looking for new material to create with, disappointed. That is…until the arrival of Grime-n & Starfunkle’s Sushi Breaks, a 7″ break record that is the compilation of a decade’s worth of crate digging, sampling and beat making. Sushi Breaks is chock full of original sounds and samples not used on previous break albums, plus original sounds from one of hip hop’s legendary emcees and producers, Fab Five Freddy. This gives the DJ a whole new tool box of scratch to paint their sound canvas with. Sushi Breaks also features all new beats for scratching and juggling with, produced by an international array of renowned hip hop producers. Pressed at maximum groove depths, each scratch track features 30 seconds of skipless samples allowing for endless scratch techniques on your turntable or portable, keeping your scratches and your game always in the groove.

+ 140 gram, skipless vinyl
+ Limited to 500 copies on transparent dark blue 7″ vinyl
+ Timed at just 5 min. per side, to allow for the deepest groove possible.
+ Designed specifically with the portable DJ in mind (Numark, Vestax)
+ Each track of samples repeats for 30 seconds, allowing for endless scratching, never falling out of the groove
+ Includes officially licensed Fab 5 Freddie samples.
+ Featured production includes: Ess Be (2018 Winter Olympics, Adidas, 7-11, Dallas Cowboys, Gary Varynerchuk, Google) and Terem (Sareem Poems, Red Pill, Microsoft, Gary Vaynerchuk, Nestea, Cover FX, James Gardin)
+ All new beats and production is sample free.
+ Crate Diggings and Compilations by DJ Because.
+ Promotional copies sent to key DJs and tastemakers.
+ Targeted press and promotional campaign to DJ centric media/radio.
+ Sushi Loops companion looper app (iPhone/iPad) available now
+ Android version available for February 2018 release.

Sushi Breaks 7 Inch Vinyl tracklist

Side A: Sushi Cuts

1. “Eat the damn noodles, Tommy” cuts
2. Shojo Stole My Jam
3. Game Show Loser cuts
4. Late Night Ramen Run cuts
5. “You Very Sexy Boy” cuts
6. Drunken Lazy Rojin cuts
7. Skinny Judo Crash cuts
8. Kobe Beef Barf cuts

Side B: Bento Beats

1. Sumo Strut (95 BPM)
2. Cheap Bowl of Cuts cuts
3. Second Year, First Kiss (94 BPM)

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