Beats Only December 2017

Beats Only December 2017

Beats Only December 2017 edition with rolling updates and additions. Instrumental hip-hop.

Enjoy selections from our submission inbox and our Beats Only Spotify playlist.

Moose Dawa & Sleepy Tooth Parker “In Luv Again”
Soulful boom bap instrumental hip-hop. This is the fifth release from Swedish producers, Moose Dawa & Sleepy Tooth Parker. Eagerly awaiting what’s next from the duo.

Missiles Over Moscow “Right Before Midnight”
Dope chill hop vibes on this one. Jazzy and soulful, it’s an easy listen and left us wanting to hear more. Shouts to our friends at

Pablo Zuazo “Macaco Nu Jazz”
From the opening notes, I knew I was going to dig this. Really dope rhodes piano on this one that sets the mood just right. Looking forward to hearing Pablo’s next track.

Barzo “Goin Home”
Funky. Soulful. This is one of our favorite instrumental submissions from this month. Costa Rican producer Barzo dropped a nice one.

Simon Servida “Cantina Sunrise”
With the new Star Wars movie in theaters, Simon drops a track sampling the Cantina track.

Peek “Youth Divided”
Canadian instrumental hip-hop producer dropped this one on us a few weeks ago. It takes a few turns but stays chill. Full of soul samples.

C.O.W. “$hanghai MoneÂ¥ EP”
This was unexpected. A pretty captivating listen with all the twists and turns. They produce and play mostly instrumental electronic music, which spans from obscure jazz interludes to electrified club beats. It’s tough to nail down an apples to apples comparison but it’s somewhere in between Flying Lotus and Hudson Mohawke.

Rio “Weekend”
Sample free hip-hop production can be difficult to pull off. Rio does a great job on “Weekend”. Mellow / chill vibes.

Jabbar “Perspective”
Good use of sampling on this one. Definitely reminds me of some 14KT. Looking forward to hearing more from Jabbar.

Teddy Robinson “Ootoya Dreams (beattape)”
Teddy (Netherlands) put together this 20 minute beattape while living in Tokyo, Japan. It’s a good listen.

Akello G Light “Subliminal Self”
This one feels like some Madlib / Stones Throw type stuff. Abstract, distorted sounds but rounds out nicely… especially the middle portion.

skyeonthebeat “Livin 4 You”
Columbus has a strong undercurrent of talent right now. Skye has a nice sound and works this vocal sample well on “Livin 4 You”. I can hear Armond WakeUp on this.

VIOLENTLYILL “Clairvoyance (feat. DJ Koncept)”
This is dope. Video is awesome too. Ambient chilled out dreamy melodic hip-hop. DJ Koncept features on the cuts.

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