Sivion releases “Relax”, a soulful jazzy hip-hop single

Relax single by Sivion

Relax is out today from Sivion. A surprise release, Relax hits all the right notes. It’s dripping with soul and jazzy hip-hop vibes.

This record is on some super chill, recline on the couch, and let your worries dissipate like vapor type vibe. When Sebastian Hochstein first sent me this track it was called “Relate” and I remember thinking how relaxing it was to my ears. Then I chuckled a bit when I thought of that episode of “A Different World” where Whitley Gilbert kept saying “Relax, Relate, Release!” as her mantra for dealing with stress. And from there the concept was sparked and began to flow,” shares Sivion.

He continues, “The overarching theme for this song is faith and trust in God’s gift of the Holy Spirit to comfort and guide us. Just relax, because He’s got it all under control. And all we need to do is sit back, trust Him, and enjoy this amazing purpose-filled journey He has us on. The Bible often speaks of the Spirit moving like the wind, so I thought it perfect to share some additional artistry through my favorite “wind” instrument, the tenor sax. It really helped to sonically paint some vibrant colors into the vibe of this composition. All in all, it was an amazing experience working with Sebastian again on this record and I’m honored to be able to share this single with the world. Please enjoy and for Heaven sakes…..RELAX!!

Audio: Relax

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