Nomis’ “Agape” a petition for compassion

Agape single by Nomis

Nomis drops another dope single, Agape. It’s currently on repeat here in the office.

He shares, “As a result of our upbringing, our appearance, and our perspectives, we all face obstacles that others can’t fully understand. This is what makes our experiences unique. AGAPE is a public petition for compassion towards those experiencing the trial that we just cant seem to relate to. In Nomis’ latest release, he not only encourages the listener to show compassion to others, but asks for you to show him some compassion as well. Initially Nomis speaks to the plight of Muslims, Women, and White people. By the end of the song, Nomis is overtly transparent about the trials he’s faced in his own life.

Lyric video: Agape

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