Grand Opus take hip hop full circle with beautiful art in “360 Degrees”

Grand Opus - 360 Degrees

Grand Opus is Joc Scholar & Centric.

Along with soulful featured background vocals, together the dynamic duo of Grand Opus take hip hop full circle with beautiful art in “360 Degrees”. The song has the group’s emcee Joc Scholar over Centric’s melodic production illustrating the science of life, the seemingly conflicting make up of creation itself and the synergy between our inner self and the outer universe as he ponders the perfection and design of it all.

Whether it be cycles, seasons, axises, galaxies or the spiral of time, there are countless representations of the 360 angle and rotation. It represents completion, where beginning and end meet, and a bringing together of all things. In a bit of an Ecclesiastical tone Joc Scholar paints a coming into full understanding of these things, pointing out some of life’s various synonyms and their antonyms in every line. As from day to night there is not one without the other, yet these things affect all things in way or another and make the world itself turn.

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Grand Opus – 360 Degrees