New Music Added Sphere of Hip-Hop Radio – March 12

New Music Added to Sphere of Hip-Hop Radio

New Music Added Sphere of Hip-Hop Radio.

We’ve added new music to rotation this week. Lots of great new material hit our inbox over the past month. Here are a few of our favorites.

The Allergies “Blast Off (feat. Andy Cooper)”
Elevationists “Mind Games (feat. Swoope, Kambino)”
Grant Lawson & Thomas Prime “Gray Fox”
Imperial “Hiatus”
James Gardin “Promise Land” (produced by Terem)
JGivens “Understand”
Odesza “Koto”
Peace 586 “Diamond Boss”
Terem “Somewhere”
Thes One “Hy-Vee”

Also added indie artist instrumental submissions from: Baraka, Best Friend, GAHHHZ, Handbook, Heverly Bill, Honbul, iamalex, Jone Haru, Kaido, Knight Ali, Mexiko 68, Mitchell Goosen, Morpheus, MrS, okvsho, Shawn Hatfield, $lo beatmaker, Sunny ala Akt, and more.

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