Watch Luc DiMarzio’s guitar driven Kings be Wise and Warned video

Kings be Wise and Warned video by Luc DiMarzio

We’re always looking for quality message driven hip-hop. The Kings be Wise and Warned video certainly surprised us. Take a look.

Colorado worship leader, Luc DiMarzio sings and raps in this video directed by Boots. The video was inspired by old spaghetti western film-making which adds to the nostalgic texture of the guitar driven instrumental.

In the video we find Luc contemplating living in a world where people often find it necessary to replace God’s word with their own.

“Kings be Wise and Warned” is the first visual to be released from Luc’s EP “Masterpeace,” an album which blends hip-hop and worship music.

Look for more from Luc DiMarzio and Boots in the near future. If you dig the visual, you can hear more at iTunes.

Kings be Wise and Warned video

Director: Boots
Writers: Luc DiMarzio, Aaron Wardle
Producer: Michael Gene Binder
Vocals: Luc DiMarzio, Kat DiMarzio


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