Armond WakeUp Snooze Button 4 The Other Side video

The Other Side by Armond WakeUp

Armond WakeUp drops off a new video/verse for The Other Side. Also, he shares details for Snooze Button 4.

I always tell aspiring ministers to keep their heart in check & make sure their motives are simply to please the Lord. Because if we’re honest with ourselves, all of us have used our callings & talents & gifts to be selfish in Jesus’ name. Especially in something like hip hop, that is so “me” based. I mean, shoot…MC stands for “Master of Ceremony” or “Move the Crowd” or “Mic Controller”.

Many of us rapped before coming to Christ & there was a model of set goals, aspirations & checkpoints in between that you used to validate yourself. But because rapping for Jesus doesn’t really have a blueprint, we often divert to either what we know, or what we’ve seen, or what makes sense to us, or what we want to happen for ourselves. But when expectations meet reality, it’s normally followed by bitterness. & with The Other Side, I shared my fight against bitterness & the comfort in knowing that our expectations pale in comparison to all God has for us.

Snooze Button 4 Tracklist

1. King Booker
2. Morning Run (produced by Armond WakeUp & Doc)
3. Legends of the Hidden Temple (feat. KamBINO)
4. Bodie’s Corner (feat. Taelor Gray)
5. Jurassic World (feat. Jered Sanders & J.Kwest)
6. Chris Brown In The Lambo
7. 7 Miles from 7 Mile (feat. Jonathan Baker)
8. In Love With The Game (feat. Priest & Bink)
9. The Other Side (feat. Jonathan Baker)
10. Ode to Percy Miller (Bandcamp bonus)
11. Conversations With My Cousin, Too (Bandcamp bonus)
12. Electric Relaxation (Live on Hot 97) [Bandcamp bonus]

Snooze Button 4 available Wednesday September 28th via Soundcloud & Bandcamp (pre-order).

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Video: The Other Side