Sareem Poems & Ozay Moore’s Soap Opera remix

Soap Opera remix

Sareem Poems & Ozay Moore’s Soap Opera remix by Soulseize. Featuring cuts by DJ PA.

From the time of the Trayvon Martin case, the amount of conversations I’ve had with folks who do not identify with the black experience in America (but) have come to settle on disturbing conclusions about race and class has been unsettling.

My verse, although it aggressively conveys a distaste towards improper policing and exertion of power, is also rooted in the acknowledgement of the believers true home being not of this world. With that being said I believe that Christianity in its purest form must consider with compassion the disenfranchised and under-served communities / people groups in order to display the kind of love and solidarity Christ shows humanity.

The church needs to be having critical discussions around these topics without losing sight of our great commission. For some people the conversation of privilege and systemic oppression is a tough pill to swallow, but it is doing us all a disservice to not address them when they play into the dynamics of truly loving thy neighbor as scripture command.

Audio: Soap Opera remix

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