Sean C. Johnson releases Sonic Boom single

Sonic Boom by Sean C Johnson

Sonic Boom is the new Evil Needle produced single from Sean C. Johnson.

The #RaceTheSun series continues with the next musical installment. Part 2: “Sonic Boom” picks up where Part 1: “Home” left off and challenges listeners to answer one simple question, “How fast will you flee temptation?”

Stream / Download: Sean C. Johnson “Sonic Boom”


Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us Lord.

Can you tell me what your heart is truly made of, it’s so easy to see clearly when you’re free from danger.

You’re a stranger when temptation look like woah. Don’t stop running, don’t stop, Sonic Boom.

I hit that corner I’m running, I don’t care if it’s two miles or a hundred, aint no need for discussion, Walter Payton I’m rushing, I can’t see what you’re doing but I know you’re up to something, so keep your hands high. High enough for me to see, never was a killer trouble see to follow me. But I’ma run this race that’s all I know, I’m on that Sunday school on the Southside flow. Turn to 2 Timothy 2:22 and even 23. Run for your life, better yet flee, may catch some but you’ll never catch me. That’s why I keep Nikes on, keep that check on my sole, keep my soul in check, Geico for the wreck. So when temptation hit ya boy like whoa, I just find the exit sign, ready, set (Here we go again!)

On your mark, watch out
On your mark, ready set, ready set, Go (Sonic Boom)

Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us Lord.

Download Sonic Boom at Bandcamp.