Soundcloud Top 30 Songs March 2016

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Soundcloud Top 30 Songs March 2016 playlist is now live!

What are people listening to most on the Sphere of Hip-Hop Soundcloud? Here are the 30 most listened to songs for the month of March 2016.

Each of your streams and downloads influence what lands on our top 30 chart. Be sure to spin your favorite artists/songs that we share on the Sphere of Hip-Hop Soundcloud to see if they land on next months Soundcloud Top 30 Songs.

Sound off in the comments section to let us know what your favorite tracks are.

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  1. Thanks for the playlist Josh! Taelor Gray and Tragic Hero have some dope verses on their projects. Christon Gray’s wordplay shines with musical brilliance on The Glory Album. And I think So It Ends by S.O. is an overlooked release too. Of course We LIve As Kings is a classic album. For purists and newcomers alike, the reaction that Collision Records got from that project was well deserved. We’re coming up around the 3 year mark since W.L.A.K. dropped. Hopefully Collision Records will bring fans another helping of cohesion and musical excellence. You can’t go wrong bumping tracks from The Battery(Jurny Big & Peace 586), Middle Clash, Sean C. Johnson, and Armond Wakeup. Thanks again!

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