Alert312 “The Upside Eternal” First Listen

The Upside Eternal album cover

Alert312 “The Upside Eternal” First Listen presented by Sphere of Hip-Hop. Stream the new album from Alert312 before it releases this week via Hi Fi Native.

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Journey on. The Upside Eternal by ALERT312 is truly that – a musical and physical journey. Boogalu’s professed love for a decaying and corrupt Chicago in the album opener, “Local”, ignites a 47 minute pilgrimage beginning in the here and now and ending in the heavenly with the album closer, “Eternal”. Seamlessly weaving hip hop instrumentals with live instrumentation and sampled records with string quartets, The Upside Eternal is the duo’s most confident and mature work to date, all while keeping the ethnic and percussive core that has branded their music since the beginning. Knowing we’re all on a life long journey searching for something more, ALERT312 invites you to The Upside Eternal.

Alert312 “The Upside Eternal” track list
1. Local
2. The Wild
3. Gargoyles (feat. MRENC)
4. Kingdoms Falling (feat. Taelor Gray)
5. Flood Ash
6. The Darkest Night
7. Cloud City (feat. Jay Cabassa)
8. Haunt Me Home (feat. Catalina Bellizzi)
9. The Upside Eternal
10. Everyone Eats
11. No Holds Tongue (feat. DJ Efechto & Propaganda)
12. Color Grade Agape
13. Dwell All Day
14. Eternal

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