Alert312 releases The Upside Eternal music video

The Upside Eternal music video by Alert312.

Chicago bred hip-hop duo, Alert312 has a new single / video to share from their forthcoming record “The Upside Eternal”.

We’ve been enjoying the project for a minute now, it’s one of our favorites from this year. I hope you dig this first single/video as much as we do.

“The Upside Eternal”, the lead single and title of ALERT312’s sophomore full length is a requiem for wrestling with the present realities of life with a hopeful anticipation for the future. Boogalu laments, “I never wanted this to be all that there is for me… like an ache for a lover, like a longing for eternity.”

The video’s stark emptiness on the verses and lush fauna greenery in the chorus visually represents the duo’s sentiments and appropriately frames the records full length content.

“The Upside Eternal” is available on Apple Music & Spotify, and also free download at the duo’s recently announced creative label Hi Fi Native.

Stream: Alert312 “The Upside Eternal”

Video: The Upside Eternal music video by Alert 312