ICYMI – In Case You Missed It 02

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ICYMI – In Case You Missed It 02

ICYMI – In Case You Missed It 02. This is our space to wrap up content of interest that our loyal readers may have missed. We’ll share a bit of everything, including interesting content that graces (or quite the opposite) our inbox & social media channels.

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Podcast + Daily Download

Our Podcast feeds recently got refreshed. We moved our content over to a new service that makes those Podcast downloads more reliable and quicker to download.

While you await Sphere of Hip-Hop Episode #112, make sure you stream/download #111. It’s a special episode that clocks in at almost 2 1/2 hours. Plastic curated this playlist. We hope you dig!

The Sphere of Hip-Hop Daily Download Podcast is a great way to get some new free music and check out some talent you may have otherwise overlooked.

In the last few weeks we’ve featured music from:
Dre Murray
Ess Be
J. Murph
Joey the Jerk
Ozay Moore
Scribbling Idiots
Soup the Chemist
Tony Tillman
Tragic Hero
+ more

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Sphere of Hip-Hop Store

We’re running some weekly specials through the end of the year. It’s a great way to scoop up new music & support the site all at once.

Current items include: B. Cooper “While the City Sleeps” (CD), K-Drama “Winds and Waves” (CD), Mind the Rap Volume 3 (MP3), and Sphere of Hip-Hop Logo T-shirt (2XL & 3XL).

Also, our online store stocks about 500 album releases. We’ll soon be making a push to up that total by quite a bit. Until then, please consider checking out the $1 CD Deal we’re offering. Buy up to 10. You get a bunch of music and we get some much needed funding to help cover the monthly website bills. Check this promo video + consider spreading the word about this promotion.

New Music

The Sphere of Hip-Hop Soundcloud is a good spot to discover new music and new artists. Keep up on the latest by following Sphere of Hip-Hop on Soundcloud. Here are a few recent favorites of ours.

New Videos

Our editorial team is on the hunt for fresh video to share with the Sphere of Hip-Hop fam. Here are a few we like. Keep up on the latest content by subscribing to the Sphere of Hip-Hop YouTube channel.

Stuff We Like

A collection of audio/video that we like and think you will too. Are you ready?

Looking for a great treatment idea for your next video? Riak Riak has got you.

Things Rappers Do That’d Be Creepy If You Did Them via Buzzfeed. Rap music takes itself too seriously, most of the time. That slide tho.

Stuff We Don’t Like So Much

This is a collection of stuff we either stumbled on, or that graced (or disgraced) our inbox.

This song / music video’s quality is prevented by your integrity. The CCM music industry got off on the wrong foot when it came to hip-hop music. To this day, it really hasn’t ever found its way. This one is… oof.

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