Sean C. Johnson “Mountains”

Sean C. Johnson

Sean C. Johnson is an artist we want you to keep an eye on. Never heard of him? Now you have. While some artists dabble in multiple genres and fail… he does not. Hip-Hop, Gospel, Soul are areas that Sean C. Johnson touches on in his music. This new single “Mountains” is from his upcoming album Circa 1993 that drops soon.

Give this one a spin (or download) and let us know what you think. Follow Sean C. Johnson on Twitter for more.

Stream / Download: Sean C. Johnson “Mountains”


  1. I was tearing after listening to this track by Sean C Johnson. The part of song that really struck me is the verse that says “ its like we build mountains with our own hands and then we get mad at you cause we don’t understand” that line just blew me away. A lot of us have high hopes and we setup expectations for ourselves not understanding the battle that comes with it, all because it doesn’t go the way you planned it doesn’t mean you should question God “Would the flowers even bloom without no rain- ‘‘ a verse by Sean C. Johnson clearly says it all .You have to climb the mountain to go up higher .It was beautifully delivered and it was a strong message which is why I downloaded it. Can’t wait until his album drops by the way I’m really digging the artwork for the cover it really reflects the song, great concept!

    How long has he been out, and is this his 1st, 2nd or 3rd project? The brother has a very soulful voice. Also was that Sean C Johnson rapping or another artist feature on the song with him? If you can compare him with another gospel artist with a soulful voice who comes to mind?

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