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Derek Minor - Empire

Derek Minor and his upcoming release “Empire” is available for pre-order now via

Derek Minor “Empire” track list

1. Intro
2. All Hail The King (feat. Deraj & nobigdyl.)
3. Empire (feat. Traneshia “Truth” Chiles)
4. Who You Know
5. Babel 1
6. Kingdom Come
7. Slow Down (feat. Tony Tillman & Tedashii)
8. Stranger (feat. Roz)
9. Last Forever (feat. B.Cooper & Leah Smith)
10. Save Me (feat. J.Paul)
11. Babel 2
12. Fly (feat. Colton Dixon)
13. Oceans (feat. Move Aside)
14. Right By My Side (feat. Chad Jones, Anthony Evans Jr.)
15. Party People (feat. Social Club)
16. Until the End of Time (feat. Lecrae & Canon)


  1. 1.Slow down
    2.Party people
    3.Who you know
    4.Until the end of time Featuring Canon and lacrae

    Those 4 tracks are the hardest tracks on the album at least in my opinion. Derek Minor definitely has some hits here. ITunes gave it like five golden stars as its rating, now you know it’s a must buy but I wonder how does this pair up with his last album title ‘‘Minorville’’ if you ask me he went all in! now with his recent release how do think he might do against his label mate Lacrae who has been having such an amazing year with his album ‘’Anomaly’’ and is up for 3 Grammy nominations , its early but I wonder.Im still purchasing Empire though I love hype music.

  2. I’m really excited for this Derek Minor release. Which song is everyone most excited for? I’m a huge Lecrae fan so I’m pumped for Until the End of Time. I’m also looking forward to hearing Save Me with J. Paul on it! Also, how does everyone feel about the album art? It’s really simple, but I like it.

  3. He definitely needs more exposure. I love track number 4 “Who Do You Know” I had to listen to the lyrics to realize he was a gospel rapper. Derek gets you so hype. I’m going to have to download this.

  4. @Bobby I like the art work too. I think the art is interesting. I feel like he may have purposely made it simplistic. I also like Lecrae so the fact that they made a song together is hot. They should probably make an album together.

  5. I agree. I would love to hear more songs with Derek Minor and Lecrae. They’re both such great artists. An album with the two of them would be amazing!

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