Behind the Beat with DJ Sean P (video)

DJ Sean P is a hip-hop producer and DJ from Dallas Texas. He’s been around for a minute adding his signature vibes to a variety of artists projects. We’ve been a fan of his for about a decade now.

As part of the Gold Tips crew with Playdough, DJ Sean P has put out some really dope material of late. Check our archives for more audio and videos from that.

As we aim to educate and challenge others involved in hip-hop, we have partnered with DJ Sean P to share about his process in beat making. Watch this video out to get a quick glimpse into his process when he’s producing tracks.

Follow DJ Sean P on Twitter @djseanp and Soundcloud for more.

This track is currently available from DJ Sean P.

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  1. Once I heard Playdough, I knew it was worth seeing. I plan on trying, God-willing, getting to know who this dj is and what he can do…

  2. He’s really talented and has produced a lot of really good tracks! Everyone should go get his/Playdough’s new album Gold Tips. It’s next level stuff! One of the best I’ve heard in a long time! It will make you a much cooler person after listening to it.

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