Lo-Fi Festival: a stay at home online festival

Lo-Fi Festival

We love this idea. The lo-fi beats community came together for a 3 day online festival, Lo-Fi Festival.

Tune in today for the final day: Lofi-Festival.com, Twitch, or YouTube.

In 2020, the world is facing through a hard time getting longer and longer. To entertain and innovate the web music culture, the Lo-Fi Festival is born for you !

Initiated and created by A S T R O, a Swiss musician and producer of Lo-Fi music, the festival takes place for the first time after weeks of quarantine. His aims is to bring several worldwide lo-fi hip-hop artists together for a three days live session.

The first idea was to promote live music during these difficult times. Based in Switzerland, the head of the festival wants to reach an audience that is not usually listening to lo-fi music, who’s well known online but not as much in the real life.

Signed on the fine label Délicieuse Musique, A S T R O started his career a few years ago. Today he’s accumulating million plays on famous platforms as Spotify or Soundcloud. From this, the musician received very good support from other producer around the world.

As the festival’s idea was growing and getting clearer on his mind, A S T R O did not hesitate to reach out his musician friends to ask them to take part in the festival. The callings were successful and more than 30 artists were booked! They all agreed to participate for no fee in order to benefit the public by streaming their live set for free.

With headliners as Red Means Recording, Jeia, DLJ, King I Divine, and many others, the festival is already building a reputation in the lo-fi community. During these three days of live music, you will also discover very talented newcomers sharing their best tunes with you.

For the first edition, the Lo-Fi Festival is taking place only by the passion of music and by the hard work from a few friends during their free time. No money is engaged from each part, everything is totally free. The principal aim of the festival and his creator is to share the love of music and bringing people together, no matter what.

Stay at home with good live music!