Sphere of Hip Hop Podcast episode 108

Sphere of Hip-Hop Podcast

Sphere of Hip Hop Podcast episode 108 is mixed by DJ Stibs. Most artists heard on the Sphere of Hip-Hop podcast have music releases available at SphereofhiphopStore.com. Support the podcast and our site by shopping for music.

In this episode, enjoy tracks from: Beat Rabbi, Deepspace5, DJ EQ, DJ Sean P, Enock, Freddie Bruno, Imperial, Jaq, JustMe, Listener, Manchild, Mars Ill, MF Doom, muzeONE, Peace 586, Playdough, Propaganda, Sev Statik, Sintax the Terrific, Sivion, Theory Hazit.

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Play list:
1. Playdough & DJ Sean P – Turn It Out
2. MF Doom – R.A.P. G.A.M.E. (feat. Manchild)
3. Jaq – Security Checkpoint (feat. Sivion)
4. Beat Rabbi & DeepSpace5 – Lip Service Remix
5. Imperial – Raw (feat. Sivion, Sintax the Terrific, muzeONE & JustMe)
6. Theory Hazit – Pyromatic (feat. Freddie Bruno)
7. Mars Ill – Wicked Ways
8. Freddie Bruno – Death Fist
9. Playdough – Emergency Broadcast
10. Beat Rabbi & Deepspace5 – Similac
11. Deepspace5 – Spit Shine
12. Sivion – Life’s Bigger Than You (Fred B Remix)
13. Listener & EQ – What Would You Do If I’m Not What I’m Supposed To Be
14. Peace 586 – Say Word (feat. Propaganda & Sev Statik)
15. Freddie Bruno – Miraculous
16. Mars Ill – When Heaven Scrapes the Pavement
17. Lojique – Afterbirth (feat. Sev Statik & Enock)
18. Playdough & DJ Sean P – She Bad (feat. Promise)
19. Deepspace5 – Take the Rhythm
20. Listener – Not Today

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