Wes Pendleton Announces “Refined” Instrumental EP

Refined is the fourth instrumental project for music producer, Wes Pendleton – previous instrumental projects include My Life Complete (2007), Love* (2012), and Pads (2013). It’s also perhaps Wes’ best instrumental project to date.

Wes steps outside of his normal comfort zone of stirring soul sampling and dirty drums to bring a whole new sound to the table. Refined blends synths, ambient textures, trap drums and a handful of soulful harmonies to showcase a significant step forward into a brand new sound for the Philadelphia based producer.

Charlotte creative, Erick Hodge, perfectly describes Refined as “Nostalgic, dark, pure and distinct”. Taking the listener on a personal exploration of new emotions and feelings through sound, Wes Pendleton weaves a sonic tale of one finding their true niche through a pleasurable auditory experience.

With each passing year, most creatives find themselves pushing to break out of the sea of monotony and push the envelope of their creativity. Wes finds himself in that same position after years of sharing a very distinct sound to his fans and listeners. The desire to step out of that comfort zone is clearly apparent on this new release, which Wes executes with precision.

Above all, Wes is extremely honored to share his new found sound with his loyal fans and family. This year will be one of the biggest yet for Wes as he sets out to travel and tour this year with some of his fellow peers, as well as some collaboration projects in the mix.

Track listing
1. Spellbound
2. The Real
3. LoveLust
4. Aura
5. See That Bounce
6. Grand (Bonus Track)

Pick up a copy at iTunes, Bandcamp, or Pads N Laces.

Stream: Wes Pendleton “Refined”