R-Swift’s new album “Apply Pressure” out now

R-Swift, Hip-Hop artist/social activist, has returned to the podium for his new album “Apply Pressure.” An album that challenges the listener to view life differently. Known for his standout production, raw lyricism, and thought provoking content – R-Swift stays true to form on “Apply Pressure.” This is sure to be an album that satisfies the taste buds of true Hip-Hop fans across the board.

Apply Pressure track list
1. Apply Pressure
2. For You
3. Raindrops (feat. Social Club)
4. Problem
5. Dear Mr. President, Part 2
6. Don’t Go (feat. Alena Trimiar)
7. Love Story (feat. Butta P. of Rhema Soul & J.R.)
8. Interlude
9. April 19th (feat. Carmen Rodgers)
10. Lookin’ for Trouble (feat. Sho Baraka & Eddie Nigma)
11. R.C.M.G. (feat. Fro W.U.N.D.A.S., Relz & Big Fil)

1, 5-6 C-Life
2 Mozaic
3 Colin Royce & Eons D; Additional production by: Jluv Beats
4 Chris Burris
7 Drugs Beats
9 Justen Williams
10-11 Marv 4 MoBeats

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