Clutch launches “Ambitious Beat Campaign”

Ambition is highly valued, but rarely seen. I desire to change that in my own life.

This is why I’m launching my Ambitious Beat Campaign (ABC), on October 1, 2012. With this project I aim to work harder than I ever have, and through it learn to better my craft.

The Ambitious Beat Campaign begins with making 4 beats per week, to equal approx 20 beats per month. Every month 20 new beats will be put up on , and priced at $50 ea. At the end of every month the 20 beats will be split up into 2 different folders: my favorites will go in a Premium folder and will be priced at $100-150, the rest will go to a Bargain Bin folder priced at $25-40.

I may not be the greatest producer alive, but it will be hard to find someone who will out work me.



  1. How often do producers & listeners pay that much for music? The prices you’re asking for are very bizarre. When your first beats are up on SoundCloud, I can take my iphone and line-in record your music from Soundcloud’s app to my computer. Easy. When you sell your first copies, that person can line-in record from their computer to any audio interface or device and have themselves all of your music to give to their friends. And when your music’s been twice around the Internet and has taken many different forms, people will then expect you to make more of it and you will have to go on tour. People will then pay for tickets to your shows, and some will get in for free, and you will have made the first real money from your music.

  2. Clutch, your pricing baffles me. How do you expect to sell these beats? Especially today when music doesn’t make near as much for an artist as touring and Merch does

  3. Music should be democratic first, monetary second. By now, you should know the impact of accessibe music. Your ambition should be in your production, and not your pricing.

  4. Thanks for posting this Josh, really appreciate it.
    Thanks for the feedback man. I know it seems like a lot, and may not seem reasonable due to technology (people can easily steal these, I understand that), yet you’d be hard pressed to find a better price. When you add up the hours I’ve put into the whole campaign and even each beat, I’m not even making minimum wage if I would sell all of them.
    I’ve done a lot of free production for people, and still do. It may look like I’m jumping out the gate looking for a check, but that is not the case.
    Hope you enjoy the music!

  5. Producers should be paid for the work they put in. Clutch has been putting out some real nice beats…and that is because he has been working super hard. You need to work and earn you place in this industry and he is doing that.

    Keep it up Clutch.

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