Propaganda to release new album “Excellent” September 25

Propaganda is releasing his new album Excellent on September 25th via Humble Beast.

The new project is wholly produced by Beautiful Eulogy and features an impressive guest list including Sho Baraka, Beautiful Eulogy, Theory Hazit, Lee Green, Alphonso McAuley, cellist Kevin K.O. Olusola, and Joel from Ascend the Hill.

We’re excited to see Prop’s growth as an artist. He has always been a favorite since his Uprok Records debut Out of Knowhere. We’ll have some audio previews for this one soon.

Excellent track list
1. Don’t Listen To Me
2. Excellent
3. Redefine Cutter (feat. Lee Green)
4. Raise the Banner
5. Excellent Analogy (feat. Alphonso McAuley)
6. Conquer (feat. Theory Hazit)
7. Precious Puritans (feat. Kevin K.O. Olusola (Cello))
8. Forgive Me For Asking
9. I Ain’t Got An Answer (feat. Sho Baraka)
10. Warm Words
11. Lofty (feat. Joel from Ascend the Hill and Beautiful Eulogy)
12. Be Present (Live from Catalyst Atlanta)

Beats by:
1-12 Beautiful Eulogy


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