God’s Servant debut album “Simple Love” out October 16

In talking about the concept for the album, God’s Servant says, “From scripture to circumstance, and from the mountaintop to the valley, I’ve found the simple love of God both to be invitingly warm, and confusingly mysterious! So whether it’s provision for the sinner regarding reconciliation, or the promises to the children of God for food and clothing – God’s love is the theme.” The album will cover topics such as salvation, marriage, failures, hope, and the glory of God.

With a title like Simple Love, we’re sure that it will connect with people on a variety of levels. God’s Servant says, “Love is as simple as one of the most common experiences of all people, yet complex enough to describe God”. The hope is that the album (down to the artwork) communicates the complex simplicity of love.

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Simple Love track list
1. This Is Love
2. Boy Meets Girl (feat. Brooks Ritter)
3. Crown of Thorns
4. Oh The Deep (feat. Shai Linne, Timothy Brindle & Lauren Monique)
5. SDG (Soli Deo Gloria) (feat. S.O.)
6. Forgiven It All
7. Witness
8. All In (feat. Christon Gray)
9. Delight (feat. Trip Lee & Melissa T)
10. Eyes on Him
11. LLTK (feat. The Ambassador & Shai Linne)
12. Lay It Down
13. Worthy Is the Lamb