NomiS “Spirit In It” (MP3)

In a time where “Christian Rap” music has become both a legitimate force and a legitimate market in the music industry, artist and listeners alike have seemingly drawn a line in the sand on how someone who is both a Christian and a Rapper is meant to approach their craft. This circumstance has sadly sparked a large amount of division within the circle of people who consider themselves “Genuinely Christian” and “Genuinely Hip-Hop” alike. NomiS explores and addresses this issue head on with a hope of presenting some new perspective regardless to what side of the coin you may fall on.

This song is from the Fundraiser EP. This is an 8 song project available for free to anybody who pre-order NomiS’ new album, Searching for Alpha Trion at The Fundraiser EP features collaborations with Gallery Drive, theBREAX, Shames Worthy and more.