Lecrae “Church Clothes” Free MP3 Download + New Mixtape May 10th

Church Clothes mixtape by Lecrae

Reach Recording and artist Grammy nominated rapper Lecrae is set to release his highly anticipated mixtape Church Clothes, which will be hosted by DJ Don Cannon on May 10th. Lecrae was first introduced to mainstream fans at the 2011 BET Hip-Hop Awards, where he performed with UK import songstress Estelle, Brooklyn’s Nitty Scott and French MC Saprano.

The Church Clothes mixtape is Lecrae’s official introduction to the mainstream audience and will feature No Malice (formerly Malice of The Clipse) and production from 9th Wonder, Bio 1-Da, S1 (Kanye, Beyonce) and Street Symphony (Ludacris, Gucci Mane).

“What interested me was that he feels so strongly about his beliefs and I am the same way,” states DJ Don Cannon. “It’s something special in music to be able to stand up in this industry and bring the people something different.”

No stranger to the making hits, Lecrae has released a string of albums and singles that have existed on top of the Billboard charts starting with the release of his 2005 debut album Real Talk and his 2010 cross over release Rehab whose influence extended into mainstream media and culture. Rehab, arguably his most heartfelt album to date, broke into the Billboard Top 200 Albums debuting at No. 17, while reaching No. 3 on the Top 10 Albums chart on iTunes. The impact of this album continues to spread across the globe, receiving nominations for several awards including a Grammy nomination in 2011.

“This mixtape is aimed at the mainstream and is raw uncut hip-hop,” states Lecrae. “This is totally different from my past releases and I hope can build a bridge between my current fans and create new ones.”

As Lecrae prepares for the release of the Church Clothes mixtape, he is also gearing up to for shows in East Lansing, Jefferson City, Los Angeles, and Seattle. This summer Lecrae will also be back in the studio working on his 5th studio album GRAVITY to be released this fall along with preparing for the Unashamed Tour.

Free Download: Lecrae Church Clothes mixtape hosted by Don Cannon [DatPiff shuttered in March of 2023 leaving the mixtape unavailable]

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  1. That’s what I’m talking about! Lecrae is strong enough in his faith to reach out to the mainstream audience so they can hear the gospel much love and God bless 116 unashamed .

  2. Lecrae is outside the 4walls of the physical church building.Jesus said the kingdom of heaven comes not by observation but, it is within you.We are the church it is mobile we bring the church to the sick.It’s a difference between tradition{religous set up}and kingdom minded.Go hard Lecrae love ya brotha

  3. I’m happy for what seems to be maturation in this CHH movement and engaging with “secular” people with openness and purpose. I’m sad that there have been many needless martyrs over years and even decades because of immaturity. Props to those who did it and got ran out the church and CHH “elite”…but remained faithful to the Lord and His calling.

  4. Hold Up,,Im Confused….is this Christian Rap or “Im Tired of Christian Rap”? When i used to Hear abt him it was all Christian Rap,,,but this Sounds like he done broke the Mold and wants to Rap abt something else…Lol

  5. God has blessed you. My 80 year old grandmother has never liked rap but after listening to church cloths said she really enjoyed it. God bless you and keep doing what he directs you to do.

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