Paradox and DJ Sean P “He’ll Come Back” Re:Flex the Architect Remix

Check out the third remix from the Paradox & DJ Sean P album, Mending (available here at Sphere of Hip-Hop). This time around, the beat-duty is handled by UK-based producer/emcee Re:Flex the Architect of Scribbling Idiots. The track, “He’ll Come Back,” features guest verses from MotionPlus (also of Scribbling Idiots) and Freddie Bruno (of Deepspace 5). DJ Sean P even flipped up the hook for the remix and there’s a special appearance by Braille.

Eventually, all the Mending remixes will be collected and made available as an EP, but right now, cop them each as maxi-singles, which, for a dollar apiece, include the remix, the remix instrumental, the original version of the track, the instrumental of the original version, and the acappella: