Elias Wallace Featured on Upcoming Dafuniks Album

Releasing on French label Underdog Records on February 22nd is the new album Enter the Sideshow Groove.

The album features Elias on 4 tracks and Pigeon John guests on another. Enter the Sideshow Groove is drawing rave reviews from music critics around Europe and is seeing extensive radio support in France.

Elias will be performing several times in the coming months including an April 7th show in Paris in addition to upcoming touring in July and August.

Enter the Sideshow Groove track list
1. Musical Gymnastics
2. Typical Guy (feat. Elias)
3. Searching (feat. Kuku Agami, Astrid Engberg & Mattic)
4. Ease My Mind (feat. Barbara Moleko & Joseph Agami)
5. D To The A (feat. Barbara Moleko)
6. Don’t Dig T Deep (feat. Elias & Pigeon John)
7. Radio (feat. Pato Siebenhaar)
8. Disko Dansen
9. Daisy (feat. Barbara Moleko)
10. All I Want (feat. Elias)
11. Breakers (feat. Kuku Agami)
12. Bone Jacked & Buggin’ Out (feat. Pato Sienbenhaar)
13. After Midnight (feat. Astrid Engberg & Mattic)
14. Hello I Love You (feat. Elias)
15. Outrouduction (feat. DJ Noise)


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