Tha G.I.M. to Release New Album “Supreme” in 2012

Entering a new level in life, music and ministry, Tha G.I.M. opens up his next chapter to the world with the release of his fourth full length album entitled SUPREME on February 7, 2012.

Tha GIM is a passionate and peculiar artist, with a distinctive style that seems to have come full circle on this latest offering from the west coast native. What separates SUPREME from Tha GIM’s past albums is simply musical and spiritual maturity, as it appeals to a wider audience and plays more as a devotional in rhyme form, while his last national release This Iz My Life was more testimonial driven. This album is created simply to boast of the supremacy of the almighty God of scripture and his Son Jesus the Christ and encourage it’s audience through a hard hitting hip hop-gospel-soul sound that captures the very make up of the man behind the microphone and the voice of many in this new generation of music, creating a formula of sound that sets SUPREME in a unique class.

On SUPREME you’ll find Tha GIM bringing you his unique flow of thought provoking and God glorifying lyricism, while utilizing the talented vocals of Gospel group Spirit & Truth, Amy Berna, Keysha and the soulful J.R. as a backdrop to the polished production sounds of J.R. himself, Wit (of Frontlynaz), Tony Stone, Marv “4MoBeats” Glaspie, Centric, DJ One3, Peculiar Image, Tee-Wyla, and Spec (Spechouse), which means you can expect some good music and a great album from start to finish.


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