Paradox and DJ Sean P “Mending” out August 16

The new one from Paradox and DJ Sean P is set for an August 16th release. You can pick up a copy of the CD at and we’re offering an extra download perk with your order!

Track list
1. Paradox X DJ Sean P
2. Here Lies (feat. Relic & Griffin) [Phatmass Version]
3. Forecast (feat. Wonder Brown)
4. Go Outside
5. He’ll Come Back (feat. MotionPlus & Freddie Bruno)
6. Blessed Broken Shared (feat. Sivion & Sintax the Terrific)
7. I Don’t Believe Them (feat. IZK)
8. Last Time
9. Don’t You Know (feat. JustMe & Ruslan of theBREAX)
10. Not Worthy (feat. Gina Chavez)
11. Man VS. Self (feat. Manchild)
12. Lift
13. Paradox X DJ Sean P (Instrumental)
14. Here Lies [Phatmass Version] (Instrumental)
15. Forecast (Instrumental)
16. Go Outside (Instrumental)
17. He’ll Come Back (Instrumental)
18. Blessed Broken Shared (Instrumental)
19. I Don’t Believe Them (Instrumental)
20. Don’t You Know (Instrumental)
21. Not Worthy (Instrumental)
22. Man VS. Self (Instrumental)
23. Lift (Instrumental)


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