2010 Sphere of Hip-Hop Awards – Group of the Year

Group of the Year

Scribbling Idiots

I thought this was the easiest vote that I’ve had since I voted to eat bacon instead cereal this morning for breakfast. The group released 11 EPs last year a lot of them being, in my mind, classics (The Gallows, Quintessential, Thanks For Waiting, War Scars and Shadow City). That alone would give the group enough to make an argument for Group of the Year. The group took it a step further by having individual members release LPs this year starting with Theory Hazit’s Modern Marvels, the much slept on Sean Little and Wonder Brown’s A Love Aphiliated and the lyrically brutal album by JustMe Tragedy and Dope. All three LPs were very dope in their own. Scribbling Idiots simply put are on the grind right now and I don’t think they’re stopping any time soon!

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