Playdough Is Hotdoggin promo video


  1. First off, “Playdough’s next album” is a truly great sentence to see. Secondly, is it just me or is the promo game really raising up a few bars across the scene? Finally, Playdough just has this thing about him where its very hard to deny all aspects of this guy. He battles, is thoughtful, conscious, and loves God in his art. Color me excited for this record.


  2. As I recall this is the 2nd time he gets into some sort of costume, I love it! Been a fan of his stuff, will definitely get this one

  3. By dissin people and not showin love, he aint givin glory to God. By sayin he’s affiliated with God, but talkin illicitly about someone’s body, he’s bein a hypocrite. I’m not hatin on the man, but I wish people would quit praisin him for his sinful nature and start prayin for him. You can tell a believer by their fruits, and from what I see from this man right now, he’s another sinner that don’t got enough love in his heart. I hope ya’ll will pray with me that he’ll accept the love of God and quit raggin on people.

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