Soulfficial – Forever Is Ours Mixtape Free Download

Soulfficial is a group consisting of emcees Cyse & Mizlogik. The two emcees came together in 2009 and decided to put together a mixtape. Forever Is Ours is out now as a free download. The project features guest appearances from Xperiment, Ad3pt, Spoken Truth, Dezzy Sanchez & D. Sharp. You can expect an EP from the group, Hold Your Applause, by the end of 2010.

Track listing:
1. Intro Feat. Spoken Truth
2. What We Do
3. Run This Town Feat. Dezzy Sanchez
4. Can’t Stop
5. Cyse Interlude
6. Back Home Feat. Ad3pt
7. Fear Feat. D. Sharp
8. Can’t Take It
9. Growing Up
10. Soul Official Feat. Xperiment
11. MizLogik Interlude
12. Self Portrait
13. She’s a Star Feat. Spoken Truth
14. Forever is Ours
15. Outro Feat. Spoken Truth

Download: Soulfficial – Forever Is Ours Mixtape


  1. I’m proud of you guys Cyse we’ve been doing this hip hop thing for a long time, you’re truly an inspiration man. Miz ya killin it man!!!


  2. Very dope mixtape, These guys are making moves this year they might be on the next Insufficient Funds album. My one question is if the Xperiment feature is from the producer of Humble Beast Records!

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