Streetlights An Urban Audio Bible

Streetlights is an urban audio Bible that seeks to combine the breathing words of God with authentic and quality music production influenced by the cultures of the inner city. It is a tool that can be used to hear, memorize and assist youth and young adults in studying the Scriptures. Eclectic Hip-hop beats will be composed as an urban score to the Bible. Chapter by chapter, multiple voices with many different accents will be heard reading Scripture as the beats create a canvas for the text. Imagine God’s Word shining its light through mp3 players, social networking sites and speakers throughout the cities worldwide.

Track list:
1. John 1 – Boogalu (music by Moral One)
2. Isaiah 53 – Othello (music by Xperiment)
3. Psalm 69 – Propaganda (music by Boogalu)
4. Psalm 103 – Braille (music by Odd Thomas)
5. Luke 11: 37 – 54 – Odd Thomas (music by Odd Thomas)
6. Ephesians 5: 1- 20 – Decipha (music by Othello)
7. Psalm 33 – Sareem Poems (music by Moral One)
8. Proverbs 1 – Theory Hazit (music by Othello)
9. 2 Timothy 2 – Katalyst (music by Boogalu)
10. Psalm 73 – Boogalu (music by Terse/ALERT)

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