Sean Slaughter – The Prototype

Independent (August 10, 2010)
Review by Joshua G.

Raw… heartfelt… authentic… and all-out gritty define the lyrical output created by Sean Slaughter for his fifth studio release entitled, The Prototype. Since God redeemed Sean’s life back in 1999; listeners could always depend on Sean for truth-filled tracks focused on a strictly blunt mentality to create his mindset for a decade of hot releases regardless of which album was being referenced. The most recent project was Sean’s 2008 release Man on Fire featuring a title track which developed into one of the hottest gospel tracks to date.

Sean always sets out to make a precedent in the Holy Hip-Hop (HHH) genre. Originality has always been the basis for his game regardless of which aspect of this driven solider of Christ Jesus pursues. From the creation of his own label, Slaughter Music, to the selection of production and special appearances; Sean is always looking at ways to change the game. The Prototype modeled a new path for HHH to travel in years to follow.

Sean took a leap of faith with the choice of a single producer in PROS (aka PL Sweets) for the project and almost came away with a first round knockout. However, the unique vision of PROS exposed on each track is brilliant in one aspect, but questionable in others. Some examples of the PROS’ brilliance are quite evident on such tracks as Got Em Again, I’m Gone, and the finale The Blast Off. Electronic fi-yah mixed with funky guitar riffs equal heat. On the flip side, PROS’ creativity failed to impress this listener’s mindset on a few tracks like The Light and Raize da Roof. On The Light, the throwback video game-like background sounds distract instead of add to the hot beat already bangin’ through Sean’s verbal excellence. The constant hook looping on Raize da Roof tire ears quickly as the listener jumped to the next track within the first minute. Don’t allow the few miscues of PROS futuristic uniqueness distract you from picking up this project and enjoying freshness from beginning to end.

Sean Slaughter and PROS didn’t stray away from some of HHH veteran heavyweights to ensure success as a champion once The Blastoff fades ending a solid overall offering. In Sean’s corner stood the likes of KJ-52, Canton Jones, CMO, Jamie Driscoll, D-Maub, and one of Slaughter’s partners from the blazin’ online talk show What in the Ham Sandwich?; True-Asia. Each tag-team effort presented just enough influence to aide Sean’s hard-edged lyrics with several smooth vocals and unique 16-bar craziness!

As mentioned before, lyrically Sean is on-point and spiritually driven. Sean’s flow reeks of God’s affect on his life and surroundings. Jesus is distinctively defined as The Prototype and Sean’s verbal outlook on theology or a relationship with our beautiful Savior is portrayed near perfectly from a discipleship standpoint. Slaughter’s “preachesque” delivery remains street enough to draw in any non-believer, yet assures the evangelistic crowd of his solid Christian faith and outlook. Taking a few steps away from what most HHH artists have been offering year after year, Sean Slaughter set the mark high for other rappers to model in 2010 and beyond.

For fans of: Json, D-Maub, JAZ, KJ-52, Canton Jones

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