Flynn Adam – Bang The Drums EP

Independent (May 25, 2010)
Review by Bryant T.

Flynn Adam, one of the founding members of LA Symphony has been in the game for years releasing music to the masses. Throughout his music career he has become an established solo artist and producer and has worked with many artists within the music industry. This time Flynn is back with some new music on Bang The Drums EP. On this album Flynn is doing his solo thing dropping 5 cuts for your listening pleasure.

Unquestionably Flynn has definitely been in the lab cooking up some up tempo club banging tracks for all to vibe to. Overall the EP has a feel good sound in the selection of music production Flynn chose to rock out to and a few songs will certainly attempt to blow your speakers if you don’t watch the volume dial as you wild out with Flynn on the drums.

As you listen to the Bang The Drums EP, you will definitely appreciate Flynn’s professional approach to his music by making sure his vocals are crystal clear and that the music is mixed and mastered well. You can hear what I am talking about when the album opener “Bang The Drums” come on. Flynn definitely didn’t let that track out of the oven prematurely and the drums bang hard on that one. “It’s So Wonderful” is another track that has that same “Bang The Drums” attitude with Flynn sharing his heart on how he goes through life daily trying to put God first. When you listen to this song, as I stated earlier you will get that feel good music vibe. Another stand out track is “Yeah!” which continues the “Bang The Drums” theme with some real chunky drums, crazy guitar riff and heavy synth bassline.

While the first 3 songs on the EP hits hard, the remaining 2 tracks are not on the same level of intensity. “All Me” may take quite a few listens before some hip-hop music lovers will give it a chance. It could be because the track is not as up tempo as the others and Flynn does a unique sound during the chorus where it just sound strange. It’s hard to explain. You got to hear it for yourself. The EP closer is “Up From Here” which Flynn changes his style up from rhyming to singing over a tambourine, guitar, handclaps and drums. Again, it’s a feel good song with a good message, but everyone will definitely not feel it the same way.

Overall the EP is good and I would definitely recommend it for those Flynn Adam fans worldwide. If it’s your first time being introduced to Flynn’s music, depending on what you prefer musically, you may or may not get into it. But Flynn did his thing in the lab and came up with a Bang The Drums EP for your ears. It’s without a doubt worth a listen and to some, it will be in regular rotation for years to come.

For fans of: L.A. Symphony, Pigeon John, Cookbook and Uno Mas, Sharlok Poems, Joey the Jerk