Applejaxx – Jesus High EP

Independent (June 22, 2010)
Review by Bryant T.

If you don’t know of the name Applejaxx by now, and I’m not talking about the cereal, but the Hip-Hop Artist from Fayetteville, NC, then it’s time we introduce him to you. Applejaxx has been consistently dropping projects over the last few years such as Databass: The Mixtape and Back 2 The Future as well as various guest appearances on other artist albums. This year he has released through Fadacy Music the Jesus High EP which is a great 5 song project.

I am sure when you have the chance to listen to the Jesus High EP from the beginning to the ending that you will fall in love with Applejaxx’s flow and delivery, shining metaphors, selection of music production, and in general top notch quality of music. You can definitely tell that he has spent a lot of time in the studio, working at his craft and not rushing projects.

From the beginning of the EP, Applejaxx gets right into it by sharing with the listeners “iLive” which talks about living for Christ. On this song you can hear Applejaxx at his best over a crazy beat breaking down what it means about living for Christ in a world dominated by messages of having cash and cars. The title track “Jesus High” is another stand out song where Applejaxx continues his ear-catching wordplay and advises everyone to lift Jesus High. The hook on the song supports the message and does the job of getting you even more hooked to the song. After your first listen, I’m sure you will keep this song in your regular rotation as I have.

The remaining songs on the EP are “Future”, “App for That” and “Fear Factor”. All of those songs have moments of brilliance as Applejaxx continues to share his smooth lyrical expressions. To me, the music production on the remaining tracks are not as addictive as “iLive” or “Jesus High”, but they still bang hard in your speakers.

On the whole the Jesus High EP was a pleasant listening experience from an artist who is able to flip lines of vocabulary fiercely over very hot music production. But more importantly with Applejaxx’s overall goal of lifting Jesus High, through his music, he demonstrates how a relationship with God can affect your life for the better. At the end of the day, I believe he completed the mission of moving hearts to lift Jesus High.

For fans of: Mr. Coldstone, Washington Projects, Tonex, Sean Slaughter

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