The Future Aint What It Used To Be sound off

You’ve heard the album. What do you think?

Let us know how you’d rate the new Deepspace5 album drop. How does it stack up against their previous releases The Night We Called It A Day and Unique Just Like Everyone Else?


  1. I find one thing rather interesting about this: a while back, there was a false report on the forum about Dust’s house burning down. The track “Beat The Rap (Feat. Theory Hazit & Sean P)” has a concept of a mock trial involving Dust’s house burning down. Coincidence or not, SINTAX KILLS HIS VERSE!!!

    And the rest of the album is sooooooooo good as well! Definitely different than “The Night We Called It A Day” (haven’t heard “Unique Just Like Everyone Else” yet).

  2. Solid. What else can I say. The production is top notch. The drums were ridiculous. There was TONS of bass on the album, which I’m not used to from DS5 but I loved. Every one of those emcee’s are at the top of their game. I have never liked Listener’s style, but even his verses had me gasping for breath. Best album of 2010 so far. Wow.

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