Deepspace 5 – The Future Aint What It Used To Be contest

We’ve got a special contest for anyone that wants a copy of the new album! All you need to do is drop you best essay about Deepspace5. The catch? It can only be 5 words long.

Drop yours in the comments for a chance to win. Good luck!

Deepspace5 – The Future Aint What It Used To Be available now


  1. “Sounds Deeper than Underground itself”

    (That would be my personal definition of Deepspace5 if someone was to ask)

  2. Or, as I will put it in Verse form…

    Look close and you will find, DeepSpace5 is the
    “Lyrical resurrection for Vegetated minds.”

  3. Thoughts on Deepspace 5 composed from an anagram for “The Future Ain’t What It Used To Be”:

    Thew. Beatitudes. Thou Taunt Fire!

  4. Here are a few entries.

    – “If you like Wu-Tang Clan…”

    – Still misses Illtripp, Recon, Fong

    – Why Deepspace5 when there’s 10?

    Ah, I think I need to try to think of more.

  5. – Disfunctional Hip Hop Family.
    – A silent scream for help.
    – 30+ guys finding a mic.
    – Be home for supper!
    – Were we recording yet?
    – MC Fong is way better!
    – They need a female MC.
    – Band of Hip Hop Brothers.
    – Has someone seen my wife?
    – Rapping from dusk till dawn
    – The best you’ll hear!

  6. Jesus’ real walking buddies
    A collection of God’s finest
    Dear Stan: Listen to this!
    what hip-hop should sound like
    Putting Jesus on the map
    Excellence in Christian form
    Speaking the truth with rhythm

  7. Some Ultra-Talented Nobodies Together
    Brothers of Blood, Sweat, Tears
    Ohgeez Blabbermouth Embraced Ziontific Introduction
    Future Bakesales Just The Beginning
    Funky Soul Spirit Beat Brothers
    Boom Chugga Lugga Lugga Boom

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