Spoken Nerd to release new album this spring

SPOKEN NERD – the 21st Century Bible-belt poet prophet – is not crying wolf with his latest sonic scroll “Apocalypse Awareness Day”; he’s crying “Werewolf.” NERD – “The Last Real Farmer Alive” – breaks into a holy huddle to expose the Dark Lords of Cupcake Forest, celebrate Christmas Time in the Club, and – like a “Snake Assassin” – proclaim its the End of Days. 13 Tracks. Coming March 2010 | MONKROCK / MONKOFONIC, MLA, HOMEMADE GENIUS

Apocalypse Awareness Day is produced entirely by DJ Orig and Spoken Nerd. This album is change of pace for Spoken Nerd as he dives into his Indie/pop roots for an album that’s influence draws just as much from the wells of Pavement and Dinosaur Jr as it does the crates of Ice Cube and The Beastie Boys. This is a joint release along with LISTENER’S RETURN TO STRUGGLEVILLE via Homemade Genius Productions (homemadegeniushq.com). The artists are having their record release party in Nashville at HumanKind on February 27th but Nathan and Dan refer to this “party” as more of a duo baby shower. “Just a couple of boyfriends who decided to get pregnant with new albums together!” The release party- InfamyPreservation- is going to be a blast any way you look at it so go ahead and buy your plane tickets and witness the birth of two great records.