Unfortunate news from Braille

Please keep everyone involved and the situation in your prayers.

Thank you in advance for keeping your public responses on Sphereofhiphop.com positive and uplifting.

God bless. Josh “plastic”


  1. That’s real brother Braille. Continue to rest assured that it is God Who brought you this far and it is He Who is going to continue to take you forward. (Phil 2:13 – A scripture I’m sure you know by heart.)

    We love you man. You are still an encouragement and still well-loved among not only the hip hop community, but the community of your brothers and sisters in Christ as a whole. We love you dearly bro and that truly cannot be stated enough.

    The LORD will pour back into you the joy and the blessings that you have allowed Him to pour out through your life.

    May the LORD bless all of you as you travel forward on this road.

  2. Man, the whole family is definitely in my prayers. My hope is that all find Godly community and are able to lean fully on them and through them, God himself in this time. These are those times where God’s grace and power to redeem are made most clear. I’m truly saddened that Braille and his family are having to go through this. I pray nothing but the fullness of God’s grace, mercy and redemption for all those effected.

  3. Hey Braille, You both are in my prayers. From the way you putting it I understand what your doing. Also for your daughter because from what you say you both are at peace & by that you can still raise her and be there for her & she wont grow up bitter against either of you because that happens alot too. So I pray for all the best for you & ur family.

  4. Just wanted to clarify, that wasn’t like a rebuke or anything — that’s just what I heard — anyways, much love to you Braille, and much respect for how you’re handling this.

  5. Love you Brizzy man!!, no worries brah God is on both of you sides, I’ll definately be praying for you guys.

  6. That was a lot to share with everyone. You have always worn your heart on your sleeve. Stay up and keep pressing on. I can only imagine what you have gone through but it seems that through those valley’s God seems to do his best work. It sucks because they hurt more then anything and you would never wish them on anyone but like you said..he has to break us.

  7. Mr Braille, thank you so much for this video, it’s such an inspiration to me. I see so much of my life reflected here, my partner was in your situation and it was through his divorce that God brought him to me. I truly believe he’s the man I prayed for, for so long. He actually sent me “Give Myself” as a way of showing how he felt, and I can honestly say that at the moment no other song makes me want to praise Him more. God is so merciful, and you’re right, He’s not done with you or Nikki yet, He’s the mender of the broken, and whether it comes to pass that the two of you reconcile later, or find someone new there is a Heaven-store of blessings out there for you. Keep walking with Him. My thoughts and prayers are with you all. Rest in His Love and Peace.

  8. Braille…man…you and your music always have and probably always will encourage me to not give up even in my brokeness, and I realize there’s no way I could ever return the favor to you or to God…but I’m doing my best to continually pray for God to be close to you and your whole family through this. You can make it! In my tough times, where I was broken, God strengthened me through your words and music…and I pray in your time of difficulty, He comforts you through His Word and His Promises! God is there for you and sees you, you’ve got so many people praying for you…you are not alone! God will guide you through!

  9. I’m so sorry to hear what you going through Braille. Keeping you and your wife in my prayers. Thank you and bless you heaps for your honesty.

  10. Keep this dude in prayer..
    Lord I pray he stays strong for his girl. That he continues to walk and look to you Lord in this tough time in his life..

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