Sphere of Hip Hop podcast 050

Episode 050 – February 2010 Podcast #1 hosted by Cas Metah of Scribbling Idiots.

Beats & rhymes in this episode: Braille, Cas Metah, Flynn Adam, L.A. Symphony, Listener, Mars ILL, MG! the Visionary, New Breed, Ohmega Watts, Scribbling Idiots, Sintax the Terrific, Soup the Chemist, Theory Hazit, Tunnel Rats and other featured guests.

1. MG! the Visionary – That Cru feat. Smoke
2. Mars ILL – Sphere of Hip Hop part 2
3. Tunnel Rats – Line Finish
4. L.A. Symphony – 10
5. New Breed – Live This
6. Sintax the Terrific – The Way We Walk feat. Mouf Warren
7. Soup the Chemist – Soul Power feat. Sharlok Poems & Manchild
8. Flynn – Nyquil
9. Listener – Train Song
10. Ohmega Watts – Long Ago feat. Othello
11. Mars ILL – More feat. Ahmad & Anthony David
12. Theory Hazit – I Just Wanna Come Home feat. Kaboom
13. Scribbling Idiots – Almost Famous
14. Cas Metah – This Can’t Be True feat. T-mo Goodie & Jawz of Life
15. Braille – Hardrock feat. Lightheaded
16. Theory Hazit – Grow Old

Sphere of Hip Hop podcast 050
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