Terem releases “Look on the Bright Side”

Stream Look On The Bright Side by Terem

Life can be pretty rough sometimes. Sudden. Unpredictable. Unfair. All that and more. Many of us have been told to “look on the bright side”. This often used quote is in danger of being relegated to a flippant quip or a dismissive oversight. The sun doesn’t always shine on your side of the street. So what then?

Terem’s new release serves as the lead single from his upcoming solo instrumental project ‘Intuition In The Keys’. This track – named after the quote mentioned above – is more than just a familiar reprise. It is a rousing rallying call to all those within earshot to lift their heads as well as their faith. The jazzy grooves and funky textures are sure to stir the soul and move the body. This is the kind of music that will encourage you to ponder the past and then punch the sky in anticipation of an exciting future.

Look On The Bright Side is out now on Illect Recordings.

Written by Christopher Mitchell for Breaking Atoms

Audio: Look on the Bright Side